My school is developed to teaching you how to make extra money, especially through trading. In my course, I discuss everything you need to know to get started trading. I show you my entry points, how I manage risk, when I sell, and much more.

"I want to personally thank Tom for creating these courses. He has opened my mind to the power of technical analysis and how to protect my money when trading."

- George

Through his books and courses, T. Livingston has shown himself to be an expert in trading education.

T. Livingston is the author of Trading Within the Box: Early Entry Points for Breakout Traders, Swing Into It: A Simple System for Trading Pullbacks to the 50-Day Moving Average, and The Education of a Trader. He is widely followed on Twitter for both his educational content and market analysis. After struggling for years to make money in the markets, he was able to drastically turn his trading around through a combination of risk management techniques, buying and selling tactics, psychology, and spirituality. You can learn more about him, his trading courses, and his market insights by following him on Twitter @Moneyu101 or at his blog